Project Studio in Munich

The Mad Scientist Productions Studio in Munich is a composition and recording studio. Our large set of equipment features:

  • 48 channel inline mixing desk plus 16 and 12 channel intrument submixers
  • 3 recoding PCs with Steinberg Cubase and Wavelab professional
  • 7 monitors including large 43 inch main monitors for movie score productions
  • 5 synthesizers and 7 rack synthesizers
  • Large set of VST instruments including orchestral instruments
  • Electic guitars (Gibson Les Paul, Strat, Ibanez) plus accoustic concert and western guitars
  • Seperate vocal recording room with video connection

My name is Michael Hädrich the Studio owner. I am an experienced studio and live artist playing guitars, keyboards and recording vocals.

Dipl. Phys. Michael Hädrich
Thaddäus-Robl-str. 7
80935 München
Tel. +49 89 35464343